8 Simple Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable Networking – when you don’t…

Networking is absolutely critical for your overall business development efforts. But it’s an uncomfortable activity for many people.  If this is the case for you, change your perspective about what networking is all about! Networking isn’t about working a room, collecting as many business cards as you can, imposing yourself upon people, or force-feeding people information about your business. Networking is about creating lasting meaningful relationships and gives you the opportunity to have incredible conversations with a wide variety of people. A few tips to help you feel comfortable networking:

  1. Be yourself. Authenticity always has an audience.
  2. Be a magnet. Have a positive mental attitude and keep your conversations positive.
  3. Be a listener. Understand the different between talking and creating a conversation.
  4. Be personal. “Get real” and create a real relationship.
  5. Be a resource. Educating, inspiring, and informing cannot be understated.
  6. Be on time. Show your dedication, commitment, and reliability.
  7. Be visible. Participate and add value to organizations you are passionate about.
  8. Be true to your core. If you don’t have good chemistry with someone, don’t waste your time (or theirs) trying to nurture a relationship.

Go grow!