Top Tips For Your Email Marketing…

  1. Get Organized….Outline and schedule your campaign. Do not send out random, one-off email blasts. INTEGRATE your email marketing into your overall marketing efforts.
  2. Build an Editorial Calendar….plan your content, set due dates, publishing dates, analysis dates. Plan and integrate your editorial calendar within your overall marketing plan – tie your email marketing into all other marketing tactics: conferences, speaking events, special business development initiatives, networking events, company news and events.
  3. Segment Your Lists and Your Campaigns….what you deliver needs to be relevant to your recipients.
  4. Deliver Valuable Content….don’t spam people about how great you are – don’t “we-we” all over your prospective And sorry, but we have to say it again: use free credit score rating cards for convenience not for credit! (There, we feel better. clients. Deliver casino online valuable and helpful content – relevant and helpful advice, interesting links, and industry resources.
  5. Keep It Simple….Generate an insightful subject line and keep your content brief. Link your email into a landing page where you offer additional details and helpful information.
  6. Personalize….no matter how many people you are reaching, let your personality shine through with personal information, stories, and keeping a natural and conversational tone.
  7. Analyze Your Efforts….understand who is opening your email and who is clicking through to your landing page. Consider surveying recipients to understand what they like and what they’d like to see and read more of.

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Social Media Marketing Increasingly Important for Events…

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Brief Summary: A new survey from Constant Contact®,Inc.(NASDAQ: CTCT) finds that social media marketing has become a critical marketing tool for small businesses and nonprofits planning events, with 77% of event planners currently using social media to market their events, and another 14% planning to do so in the next year.

The top reason (56%) event planners are currently using social media is to educate/inform about upcoming events. Their goals for future use are greater: 66% of respondents would like to use social media to reach more people, 65% of respondents would like to gather feedback from past event attendees, 63% would like to obtain new/more event attendees, and 62% would like to remain engaged with past event attendees. Those not yet using social media to promote their events cite the number one reason as they don’t know how (54%), followed by it being too time consuming (39%).

Social Media Marketing Complements Other Event Marketing Tools With social media efforts growing, the effectiveness of other marketing tools to promote events remains strong. E-mail marketing is ranked the most effective of these tools (91%), followed closely by online event marketing/management tools (85%), Web sites (77%), and print advertising (69%).

These findings suggest that social media marketing is complementary and additive, rather than a replacement to more “traditional” event promotion tactics.

9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing…

This is a must read for anyone integrating social media and email marketing…

by DJ Waldow

Are you wondering how to add social media to your email communications?

Email and social media Also note that if you make under 400% of the Federal Poverty Level in 2014 you will have access to cost assistance through the health marketplace. marketing go together like Batman and Robin.

They both can be effective on their own; however, when combined, their (super) powers can save the city and exceed your marketing goals. More here…


Get rid of wasteful marketing spending…

Before spending your marketing dollars, ask yourself: “if I spend X on this marketing tactic, what am I expecting in return?”

Understand your business goals for next year and beyond, and then decide what tactics work best for your specific situation and  circumstances. The tactics you decide to use should aid in achieving your business/organizational goals – if they don’t, you are likely wasting money and effort. Read more here.

Make 2012 a Simple Success…

It’s that time of year when individuals and collective teams put forth good intentioned New Year’s resolutions. Below are several steps to help you move your 2012 marketing efforts forward – for a simple success.

  1. Do a SWOT analysis of your current marketing plan and overall business development efforts. Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. What is…and what is not working for you, your team, and your firm?
  2. To succeed, it’s critical to simplify. Find a few marketing or business development tactics you (or your whole firm) are good at, and implement exceptionally. What tactics are a good match for your firm or team’s strengths and casino online skills? If you have excellent speaking skills, for example, lining up several key presentations in 2012 may be helpful in your overall marketing efforts.
  3. Understand your target audience and use marketing tactics to effectively position gamecommaration yourself and your firm to this audience.
  4. Don’t adhere to “keeping up with the Jones’s” – remarkable marketing and business development initiatives are individually authentic to the company they are born of. Just because another firm is blogging three times a week and complementing their efforts with a bi-monthly cool and catchy postcard mailer doesn”t mean that you and your firm should do this too. In fact, if you copy someone else, you simply end up being a “me too” firm. Not good.
  5. Make marketing and business development a stronger priority in 2012. Effective time management (and people management) creates a sliver of time each week for your overall marketing efforts.

And if your team needs some additional marketing/BD help, feel free to reach out!

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Tried-and-true tactics rank high in B2B marketing budgets…

Reposted from Marketing Sherpa

In challenging times, firms must test new strategies and tactics to improve marketing effectiveness. Businesses need to maintain agility and adapt to an evolving marketplace, but cannot sacrifice tried-and-true tactics that have driven their lead generation programs for years.

To learn how B2B organizations balance the two, Marketing Sherpa asked more than 1,700 B2B survey participants to indicate the percentage of budget they allocate for a variety of inbound and outbound tactics.

Marketing Sherpa learned that, overall, marketers are investing in tried-and-true tactics such as trade shows, website marketing and email, and are allocating the greatest slices of their budgets to these tactics. The top three tactics have remained consistent year-over-year.

click here for entire article.

10 Tips for Better Content Marketing…

Mikal E. Belicove, a market positioning, social media, and management consultant specializing in website usability and business blogging, offers 10 solid tips for better content marketing…

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Starting a blog – yes a blog…

This is an excellent post by Rick Spence about the benefits/drawbacks to starting a blog, and I agree that your blog can (potentially) differentiate you as a market leader and content expert…

I had a good chat last week with Mike, a consultant who wants to start a blog to promote his company. That’s right, a blog. I warned him that people may criticize this marketing strategy as too 2002. But then I told him he was right on the money.

Since blogging’s heyday of, say, five years ago, the Web has been overrun with one revolutionary communications tool after another. But I believe blogging still stands out as a medium of choice for companies that want to be seen as market leaders and customer-content experts.

What Marketing Tactics Work Best….

What Tactics Work Best Chart

Click on the link above to see a pdf chart illustrating what marketing tactics work best. Over 700 professional service companies responded to this survey.

Realize that what works for one company in one situation may not work for another company in a different situation. One firm may achieve  great success with a cold-calling initiative, while another firm may fail miserably. Ask yourself what is most appropriate online casino for our company and our overall business goals, our people’s capabilities and strengths, our culture, and our brand. In doing so, you may find that you can streamline your efforts, eliminating marketing tactics that don’t work for you and gain extra time and resources to focus on those tactics that do work for you.

Before spending any marketing dollars, the question to consider is:…

We’ve definitely seen a shift in thinking about how marketing dollars are spent. No longer is the “we’ve done it every year” getting automatic sign-off.

It’s easy to waste marketing dollars on website redesign, printed collateral pieces, presentations, white papers, dinners and events, public relations, and virtually any other tactic you can think of. How do you get rid of wasteful spending, whether in marketing or other areas of your business? By focusing with keen eyes and managing your business as a process of inputs and outputs. Your marketing and business development efforts should be no different. Before spending any marketing dollars, the question to consider is: “if I
spend X on this marketing tactic, what should I expect in return?”

Understand your business goals for next year and beyond, and then decide what tactics work best for your specific situation and  circumstances. The tactics you decide to use should aid in achieving your business goals – if they don’t, you are likely wasting money and effort.

I’ve developed several concise workshops (marketing planning, budgeting, and tactics) where I facilitate a discussion/planning session with your team or organization. Reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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