Networking Is Helping Others…

We often view networking as leveraging relationships to get work. This view is “us” focused rather than “others” focused. What happens we shift our view? Successful networking is helping others.

Networking events and tradeshows are great places to meet new people in order to learn enough about them and their business to know how we can help them.

How refreshing is it to meet a new person who’s curious, open, thoughtful, and helpful? When we show up as this type of person, we can find out what a good lead is for the other person, be able to send good information to them, and make warm introductions for them. When we work hard for others, they want to work hard for us. We become top of mind to them.

Now imagine our network providing us with more leads and opportunities we can handle – because we took care of them first. When we shift our perspective and realize it is not the quantity of people we meet or the number of business cards we collect, but it is about really helping a handful of key people, we can get off the hamster wheel. We can slow down, calm down, and simply succeed by helping others.

The next time we head out to network, let’s remember what we are really there to do. No more collecting business cards, giving an elevator pitch on our company, or thinking about who in the room can give you your next project. Think, “How can I get to know and help this person?” When you learn how to focus on helping others, that’s when the real networking begins.