7 Things Successful People Never Do…

Inspired by a post from Lolly Daskal, President & CEO, Lead from Within

What differentiates those who are successful from those who are not? It’s a matter of habits. In business and in life, if you truly want to succeed, there are some habits that work and there are other habits that never should be repeated. Here are seven habits that are worth eliminating:

  1. Believing you can please everyone. Stay open, flexible, collaborative, and seek win-wins – of course. But it’s absolutely impossible to please everyone. Don’t waste your energy even trying.
  2. Repeating what didn’t work the first time. Realize mistakes are for learning, not repeating.
  3. Accepting short-term contentment over long-term value. Good things take time. Stay focused on the long-term and take steps every day to get there, rather than letting the “shiny new toy affect” steal your attention.
  4. Compromising your true self to fit in. Know and trust who you are, and never adjust yourself for others. You will not fit in everywhere and with everyone – but who cares. It’s more important to be and stand grounded in your authentic self.
  5. Trusting something that looks too good to be true. Do your own due diligence to determine the actual value.
  6. Taking your eyes off your vision. Stay focused on your dreams, your vision, your goals. If you get out of alignment or if something distracts you, work to find your alignment again. Be meticulous and very disciplined about your focus.
  7. Disconnecting appearances and reality. Who you are on the inside should be reflected on the outside – the moment there is a disconnect – there will be dis-ease. When this disconnect happens, take a step back, pause, and get back in sync – inside and out.

Many people ask me about Yoga and Business Development Consulting – why the two so seemingly different concentrations – it’s actually perfectly related and connected. I’ll be talking more about that connection in upcoming posts.

Go grow!