Sales Strategy – Pursue The Business…

This is one of the 4 sales strategies Michelle Davidson, editor of Rain Today, recently wrote:

Pursue the Business

One of the things salespeople don’t do that they know they should is follow up on quotes and proposals. For those who don’t follow up, not knowing is better than being rejected, says Alex Goldfayn in his podcast interview 3 Tactics to Grow Revenue and Not Sound Like a Pushy Salesperson.

The thing is, if you follow up on those who don’t respond, you will close on average 15% to 20% of them, he says.

“The simple act of following up on quotes and proposals is one of your lowest hanging fruits for revenue growth,” Goldfayn says.

It works because you are showing interest. When people are considering multiple providers, the business goes to the person who acts interested in getting the business—even if it isn’t the lowest price.

“So, be interested in the business,” he says. “Again we’re not imposing, we’re not stepping on toes, we’re not taking up time. We are expressing to them that we want this business.”

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