What’s the Best Format for Email Marketing…

I thought I’d share this recent post by Ian Brodie, as I tend to agree with him. What have you found to be the best way to format your email marketing campaigns?

By Ian Brodie – http://www.ianbrodie.com/blog/

“What’s the best format for emails?”

My email marketing system provider, Ontraport, recently added a whole bunch of fancy new templates for emails to their system.

I don’t know how much time and money they spent doing this, but the problem is that almost every test run on email formats has shown that fancy formatting hurts your results.

The classic test was done by MarketingExperiments a few years ago. They discovered that:

  • Emails that use lots of graphics and formatting got 34% fewer clicks than plain text emails.
  • Emails that had a little bit of formatting: the occasional underline or bold text and highlighted links got 55% more clicks than plain text.

In a more recent test here, WhichTestWon tested a graphical sales email vs a plain one and found the plain email got a 195% increase in clicks and a 304% increase in sales.

Although we can never know exactly why, I reckon the reason simple, lightly formatted emails do so well is that they look like the emails we get from people we know and trust. Friends and business colleagues.

Graphics heavy emails look like advertisements and so when we read them our self-defence mechanisms kick in.

Fancy graphics often play havoc with mobile devices too. At best, they make the text appear tiny. At worst, the email is unreadable.

So my advice: stick to simple, lightly formatted emails.