Nurturing Prospects In A Longer Sales Cycle…

I’m not one to advocate for spending all of ones time on chasing opportunistic leads, as I believe a more sustainable enduring way to develop business is to target potential clients for the long-term. However, those instances arise when you hear of a lead that seems to be the perfect fit for your firm, right!? And so, of course, you chase those – at a minimum, call and inquire.

I recently read that on average, less than one-fourth of prospects are ready to immediately buy your services. This could be considered good, because you are afforded the time to cultivate the prospect. One of the top challenges in B2B business development, however, is converting qualified leads into customers. How do you nurture these prospects in the early stages of the sales cycle? Hopefully your business development efforts have produced enough of an understanding of what your prospects key issues are and you can work to position yourself as a thought leader and experienced professional, rather than a “me-too” type firm. Share helpful information, offer a free or low cost broad evaluation, be authentic, and sparingly share case studies that show your past experience.

Go Grow!