Positioning Thought Leadership Requires Quality Plus Exposure…

By Mike Shultz & John Doerr

Exposure MINUS Quality – You want to be known in your market, and you have fabulous market exposure and reach…but something’s missing, and your audience knows it. Most empty speeches, empty books, and empty suits get judged correctly and are set aside.

Quality MINUS Exposure – If a great white paper falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? You may be the real deal when it comes to your quality ideas and relevance within your market. But if you’re known by no one, you’ll influence no one. The “leadership” part of thought leadership implies that there are people who follow your action. Without the followers, you’re out of luck.

Quality PLUS Exposure – Your ideas are relevant and helpful. When people engage your “real deal” thinking, it makes a positive difference in their businesses. You’ve connected with the market, broadened your sphere of recognition and reputation, and marketed your packaged ideas in a way that allows your ideas and contributions to disperse among the people in your market. You win.