Implementing Your New Business Development Plan…

Do you have a new business development plan sitting on your desk, collecting dust? Numerous studies prove it is typical for organizations to get stuck during the implementation phase. Five areas to focus on to keep you on track:

  1. Cultivate & Teach Business Development Skills – teach your professionals solid business development skills so they can walk into these situations with confidence rather than anxiety. There are a variety of workshops out there – SMPS is a great resource for architects, engineers or anyone who is in a selling or marketing role within a professional services organization.
  2. Utilize Individual Strengths – Some people are natural-born presenters, others are technical experts, others are solid lead-prospect generators, and others have a personal strength in maintaining and building the client/member relationship. Give each person on your team marketing or business development tasks that are well-matched to their individual strengths.
  3. Create Effective Marketing Resources – Offer a variety of marketing collateral materials, research tools, and prospect information and consistently share best practices with your team.
  4. Cultivate a Growth-Focused Culture – Your professionals will consistently and effectively engage in business development activities if you create a culture that values and places a high priority on business development efforts. Create a growth-focused culture by putting effective processes and structure in place. Dust off your business development plan, figure out where your people would shine, and get them in place doing the activities outlined in your plan.
  5. Incentivize – Reward your people and create positive energy and passion for productive and effective business development pursuits. Get creative and offer a variety of incentives that are well matched to each person’s contribution and personal interests.

Developing a business development plan is one thing, implementing it is another – and it isn’t going to do one bit of good for your organization until you  start implementing, analyzing, course-correcting for better results along the way.

Go Grow!