Kick-Start Your 2014 Business Development Efforts With Cold-Calling…

I often hear from architects and engineers and other b2b business owners that cold calling doesn”t work for them. I sometimes hear it is a dead tactic or an old-school tactic. Those are true statements if you don”t develop a strategy and stick with your efforts. Cold calling works – ask any of my clients who have worked with me to develop and execute their efforts.

Effective cold calling takes:

  • Building the right list, with multiple key contacts.
  • Developing positioning credit report free annual does have a termination date, right? credit report free annual is just the promise to deliver money at a later date. statements.
  • Building a “series” campaign that builds credibility and awareness about your firm.
  • Using a touch schedule to keep you on track.
  • And using both calling and emailing as part of your overall efforts.

Cold calling generates meetings with prospects, aids in your fact-finding, research, and lead generation efforts. It can help you “connect dots” and add significant value to your company”s business development efforts.  Cold calling can become a major factor in your firm”s growth and success. Take time to develop a straightforward cold calling strategy and implement your strategy using a team member with the right skill set and personality. Develop a process to streamline and organize your efforts and simultaneously keep track of information. Salesforce is a great tool, and if you are on a budget Outlook can be extremely effective.

If you need help, reach out – I do this type of work for clients all the time.

Go Grow!