What It Means To Be Client-Focused…

It”s amazing how little, simple things can help you stand apart and above your competition – generally it boils down to being more client-focused. Eight points to consider…

  1. Listen: Understand your client and your client”s business so you can come up with appropriate solutions for them.
  2. Teach: Help them understand what you”re doing so they can apply that knowledge within their business.
  3. Fit: Be a good fit for the specific needs that your client has. If you”re not a good fit, let your client know, and suggest a few people who may be better suited to their needs.
  4. Impact: Help your client understand the services you offer that are most appropriate for them and their business, and help them incorporate those services successfully within their business.
  5. Reliability: Do what you say you are going to do.
  6. Accessibility:  Be there when your client needs you.
  7. Diligence: Be attentive to details, and research and think before you suggest a course of action for your client.
  8. Relationship Management: Develop a relationship with your client, communicate and collaborate effectively, and treat your client like a person.