Let Go of the Results…

This is a difficult concept. But, focusing on the results only serves as a distraction for us all. The result of the work doesn’t really belong to us – but the quality of attention that we pay during the process of executing our work does belong to us. No matter your job, your title, your tasks: let go of the results in everything you do. Yes, of course, allow the end result to serve as a goal, but refocus your attention on the quality of the tasks leading you to the end goal and place greater emphasis on the process. When we…

  • focus on the present moment
  • do our best in everything we do
  • we will always be happy, and
  • the results will take care of themselves

I’ve noticed when I can focus on the present moment and put quality effort into my daily tasks, I often surpass the goal I had originally set. When I focus on the goal or results, I tend to become anxious and “me focused” rather than “client-focused”.

Letting go of the results is one of the hardest principles we can put into practice because we are trained to focus on the results. In business, it is about the numbers, the growth, and the final sale. In business development, we get consumed by landing that next big corporate account and we forget to stay in the present moment. But, when we stay present, put focused clear attention into the process of execution, our prospective clients actually enjoy us as salespeople. When we are focused on the present and our clients’ immediate needs, and stop worrying so much on the end result or potential future results, we provide real solutions to our clients.

Go Grow!