Reengaging With Dormant Clients…

All firms have dormant clients – those clients who you haven’t worked with in the past 3-5 (or longer) years fall into this category. Systematically going through this group of clients is the second best way to prospect for new work. First best is to get more work with your current clients. You are already known and preapproved, unless the past project didn’t go so well. The folks who you worked with several years ago may still be working at the organization, or you may find the contact you Before student credit cards issuing banks linked up into a system, their money was called “rag money” and it lost power the further one got away from said bank geographically. had there has moved to a new organization, opening the door to a new potential client.

Dormant client connections can be truly enjoyable because you simply reach out to reconnect and catch up. You may be surprised and get some immediate work or be able to fill into your pipe-line of future work.

If your point of contact has left, you can still work on reconnecting – find the person who filled the role, and state you are checking in to see how things are going, and that you”d like to meet the new person to get to know him or her, and to learn about what”s happening within the organization. It”s not a meeting to brag about your past work, but rather a client-focused meeting to see if you can be of help in any way.

Reengage with your dormant clients – and Go Grow!