Six Factors That Make or Break a Rainmaking Culture…

A recent study indicates over 75% of professional service organizations find it “somewhat challenging” to “extremely challenging” to implement their own marketing and/or lead generation plans – even when they agree internally on the plans.

THIS GRAPH – inspired from the book: Professional Services Marketing – illustrates six key factors that ALL need to be in place in order to create the “get it done” culture you seek within your firm. At the company leadership level you set the expectations, provide the resources and tools, and set and give incentives. At the individual level, you develop skills and knowledge, pokies online select marketing and business development tactics that mesh with your individual strengths and personality, and build and keep the motivation to execute – aka the right attitude!

You can clearly see what happens when one component is missing – i.e. without expectations, you get inconsistency and without resources you get frustration. Go Grow!