Top Tips For Your Email Marketing…

  1. Get Organized….Outline and schedule your campaign. Do not send out random, one-off email blasts. INTEGRATE your email marketing into your overall marketing efforts.
  2. Build an Editorial Calendar….plan your content, set due dates, publishing dates, analysis dates. Plan and integrate your editorial calendar within your overall marketing plan – tie your email marketing into all other marketing tactics: conferences, speaking events, special business development initiatives, networking events, company news and events.
  3. Segment Your Lists and Your Campaigns….what you deliver needs to be relevant to your recipients.
  4. Deliver Valuable Content….don’t spam people about how great you are – don’t “we-we” all over your prospective And sorry, but we have to say it again: use free credit score rating cards for convenience not for credit! (There, we feel better. clients. Deliver casino online valuable and helpful content – relevant and helpful advice, interesting links, and industry resources.
  5. Keep It Simple….Generate an insightful subject line and keep your content brief. Link your email into a landing page where you offer additional details and helpful information.
  6. Personalize….no matter how many people you are reaching, let your personality shine through with personal information, stories, and keeping a natural and conversational tone.
  7. Analyze Your Efforts….understand who is opening your email and who is clicking through to your landing page. Consider surveying recipients to understand what they like and what they’d like to see and read more of.

Cultivate and Go Grow!