Marketing Strategy & Planning Tips…

Your marketing strategy should align to your business goals. Your marketing plan should clearly explain how you intend to accomplish your business goals through your marketing activities. Set time aside to formulate your immediate and long-term business goals before you dive into a marketing strategy session, otherwise you are wasting time, energy, dollars, and effort.

Consider the following:

  1. Your differentiators?
  2. Your target market(s)?
  3. Your benefits?
  4. Your positioning?
  5. Your marketing tactics and how you will measure success?

Plans created "top-down" typically fail miserablyTips:

  1. Form a marketing strategy committee comprised of diverse people within your organization. Create an environment for open, active, lively debate and conversation – brainstorming, what-if analyses, and research. You will get a better strategy and your people will be on-board & dedicated to implementing the plan.
  2. Differentiating yourself sets you apart from the rest. If you don’t differentiate yourself, the marketplace will differentiate you, and often theirs is based on price.
  3. Look outside your industry to understand what other companies are doing to achieve their growth.
  4. Marketing is an investment, so develop a budget, schedule, timeline, and team to implement your marketing strategy and plan.
  5. Marketing is a process, so revisit your marketing plan consistently to determine if you are on target and whether you need to revise your course of action.
  6. Stick with marketing tactics that most effectively reach your intended target market(s) and tactics that are well aligned with your organization’s culture. Don’t add/implement tactics just because everyone else is doing it.
  7. And, if you need help, reach out. I would be glad to help guide you in this process. And, if I am not well suited for you, it’s possible I can refer you to someone who can help you.

Go grow!