Rebranding? Five Points to Ponder…

The purpose of your marketing and branding efforts – your number one goal: attract and retain profitable clients/customers. We all make quick conclusions about companies and their products and services.  It’s easy to ascertain whether a company is small, big, conservative, full of themselves, legit, etc. Your identity – logo, name, business card, look/feel of your website and your collateral brochures helps you establish your initial connection (and impression) with your potential clients. Your identity should authentically portray who you are and resonate with your potential clients/customers.

Often, companies get caught up in the graphic design and messaging in their collateral pieces or on their website and they forget about the number one priority (attracting/retaining). Points to ponder if you are considering rebranding/tweaking:

  1. Hire the talent you need – graphic designer, copy writer, brand/marketing strategist. Even if you have these resources internally, it’s worth considering hiring externally to get some fresh ideas.
  2. Create a diverse, multi-perspective internal team to oversee your rebranding efforts, but for the sake of simplicity and to stay on track, limit the number of people involved.
  3. Limit your time dedicated to design, copy, pantone colors, etc., and ask yourself:
    • does this authentically and clearly express who we are?
    • does this have a valid use (new service offering, tradeshow, speaking event, etc.)? and
    • will this resonate with our potential clients?
  4. Go with the truism, “less is more” and ask yourself questions like:
    •  would video or flash intros on our website resonate with our potential clients?
    • is this copy understandable from our potential clients’ point of view: clear, concise, and void of industry lingo or internal jargon?
  5. #3 is worth restating: Limit time/energy spent on discussions that won’t make a difference in results.
    • rehashing one pantone color over another doesn’t make a difference.
    • asking whether the look/feel will help you attract/retain makes a difference.

Go grow!