With a Little Planning & Prioritizing, Building & Nurturing Key Relationships Becomes SIMPLE…

I am often asked, “With client and staff commitments and billable work, how can I carve out time to stay in touch with key contacts?” Everyone is pressed for time, but with a little planning and prioritizing, building and nurturing key relationships becomes SIMPLE.

By categorizing your existing contacts, you can clearly identify those most relevant to your overall business goals, and prioritize your time and effort accordingly. Set up a system (hopefully electronic…) where you set reminders to stay in touch with your key contacts. Microsoft or Google Task Lists are super simple electronic reminder tools. Initially, your task list may be short, with a few key contacts – but make it a goal to grow
your list so that you are reaching out to several key contacts every day.

At least annually, review your entire contact database. For each contact, ask yourself:

  • When was our last correspondence?
  • Is this person still with this company, at this location, and within the same role?
  • Is this person relevant to my goals and objectives and am I relevant to theirs?
  • Is this a relationship I need to prioritize?

Go a step further, and encourage each team or sector leader within your organization to print out their entire contact database, and sit down together and connect relationship dots across the whole company. Share knowledge and leverage relationships.

Additionally, continually expand your network by getting involved in diverse projects, teams, and organizations. Proactively seek out new relationships with people who are in different areas of business and offer a different focus and perspective. Share your goals and objectives, share and solicit best practices, and cultivate a value-based relationship.

I’ve developed several concise marketing and business development workshops where I facilitate a discussion/planning session with your team or organization. Reach out if you are interested in learning more.