What clients really want from their service providers…

  1.  Listening and Teaching: Understand my team and my business so you can come up with appropriate solutions for me and help me understand what you’re doing so I can apply that knowledge within my business.
  2. Fit and Impact: Be a good fit for the specific needs that I have. If you’re not a good fit, let me know, and suggest a few providers who are.  Also, help me understand the services you offer that are most appropriate for me and my business, and help me incorporate those services successfully within my business.
  3. Reliability and Accessibility: Do what you say you are going to do and be there when I need you.
  4. Diligence: Be attentive to details, and research and think before you suggest a course of action for me.
  5. Relationship Management: Develop a relationship with me, communicate and collaborate effectively, and treat me like a person.