A value-based consultancy focused on helping clients develop and implement marketing and business development strategies and solutions. I believe in “organic” business growth – and evaluate clients’ current marketing and business development initiatives, determine best next steps, then take action.

Success Boils Down To Relationships…

I don’t remember where I got this quote from, but wanted to share it on my blog post. “Literally the biggest lesson I’ve learned in business is that success is all about relationships. It’s truly about who you know, and how they feel and think about you (and how you make them feel). I’m not […]

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Approach Your Prospective Clients As Your Equal When Selling Your Professional Services…

I see this time and time again. Most architects or others who are selling professional services, app[...]

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Persistence in B2B Sales…

If selling was easy, everyone would be lining up to do it. Selling your services to a prospective cl[...]

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