A value-based consultancy focused on helping clients develop and implement marketing and business development strategies and solutions. I believe in “organic” business growth – and evaluate clients’ current marketing and business development initiatives, determine best next steps, then take action.

Persistence in B2B Sales…

If selling was easy, everyone would be lining up to do it. Selling your services to a prospective client takes many things – being professional, knowing and believing that your service will help the prospect, and having PERSISTENCE. Persistence is hanging in there, for as long as it takes, no matter the hardship endured. I’ve […]

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Profound Moments…

Work every single day to create profound moments in people’s lives – and be open and vul[...]

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5 Points On B2B Business Development…

5 Reasons Our Start-Up Survived the First 2 Years inspired this blog post. The same 5 points correl[...]

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