A value-based consultancy focused on helping clients develop and implement marketing and business development strategies and solutions. I believe in “organic” business growth – and evaluate clients’ current marketing and business development initiatives, determine best next steps, then take action.

Providing Value…

A master business development professional always puts their prospect’s interest above their own. They realize it’s all about the prospect, not about the salesperson. They are wired internally with an unwavering belief that they are there to serve their prospect and provide great value. They would never ever imagine selling/offering anything that lies outside of their prospect’s best interest. Call it ethics or doing the right thing over the easy thing, these […]

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Using Data for Your Business Development Efforts…

Professional service providers often look to the external market to see where they should position t[...]

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Marketing and Business Development Alignment…

“Alignment happens when everyone’s on message.” Ben Reed. “Imagine if, inste[...]

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