A value-based consultancy focused on helping clients develop and implement marketing and business development strategies and solutions. I believe in “organic” business growth – and evaluate clients’ current marketing and business development initiatives, determine best next steps, then take action.

Implementing Your New Business Development Plan…

Do you have a new business development plan sitting on your desk, collecting dust? Numerous studies prove it is typical for organizations to get stuck during the implementation phase. Five areas to focus on to keep you on track: Cultivate & Teach Business Development Skills - teach your professionals solid business development skills so they can walk into these situations with […]

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Four Ways to Make your Client Interactions Successful…

            Everything communicates who you are and what you are all a[...]

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8 Simple Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable Networking – when you don’t…

Networking is absolutely critical for your overall business development efforts. But it’s a[...]

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